Month: January 2015

NUGEN Audio Post Pack interface

NUGEN Audio Post-production Pack Review

Mixing and mastering audio for film, video or broadcast differs a bit from mastering for music. The media to master for will be different, as will the requirements of the industry. A UK developer, NUGEN Audio, creates professional audio tools for high-end music producers, post-production engineers and broadcasters. Among its partners we find Avid and Quantel. NUGEN Audio offers post-production mixing and mastering with a Post Pack that holds eight modules of which some can be used as stand-alone applications.

Film Styles For Capture One reviewed

There’s one thing Capture One has always missed: true film styles like those of Dxo Filmpack or Alien Skin’s Exposure. Film Styles For Capture One seeks to fix this. Alexander Svet, a professional photographer and Phase One Certified Professional has spent a good number of years recreating film looks for Capture One. The Film Styles For Capture One bundle he came up with has over 100 B&W and colour film styles combined. That’s no small feat as Capture One doesn’t offer much support for third parties to extend functionality.

Audio Hijack 3: experiences with a record-audio-from-anywhere app

Audio Hijack Pro was Rogue Amoeba’s app for capturing sound from applications as well as input devices. It was powerful, scalable and flexible but not very user-friendly. Audio Hijack 3 changes all that. It’s every bit as powerful — if not more — than its predecessor, but also easier to use. In fact, the new building block paradigm used in Audio Hijack 3 will enable you to do more with your audio recordings because it’s incredibly simple to set up complex sessions. Also new in Audio Hijack 3 are templates, full-screen mode, presets, FLAC recording and more.

Swiftpoint GT: the mouse that fixes RSI now swipes as well

Sometimes the smallest thing can make a huge difference. Take for example the mouse. You may have an iMac with a Retina display, but the keyboard and mouse are still the same design as when the aluminium iMac was introduced — i.e. not very comfortable, nor friendly for your carpal tunnel (your wrist). Replacing the keyboard by something better is not going to be simple, but replacing the mouse is easy: just buy something that makes you control the cursor as if you were holding a pencil, because that’s your hand’s most natural position.

How to use the GoPro Hero3 / HERO3+ spot meter

Your GoPro action camera is quite capable despite its fixed lens and small form factor. It has a spot meter that performs well. You can use that if the subject in the centre of the video frame is too bright or too dark when light metering is set to its standard setting. This tutorial teaches you how to set spot metering and what to look out for.

Perfect Photo Suite Premium 9, a fine Photoshop replacement for image editing

Photoshop without the painting tools, that’s what onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite Premium is in a nutshell. Perfect Photo Suite Premium is a RAW converter/editor with an image browser and features such as image correction and enhancement, B&W conversion, compositing and Fx effects, layers and masks, portrait-specific enhancement and resizing. Its masking capabilities are unique and in my opinion allows to position this app in the market as a proper Photoshop replacement. Perfect Photo Suite Premium 9 is a RAW editor that also handles other image formats such as JPEG. Its RAW decoder is the Adobe demosaicing algorithm, which guarantees good results. The Perfect Photo Suite Premium is a modular app with tabs for layers, enhancement, portrait, effects, B&W and resize. You start the app in browser mode. In this mode you can browse your image collections and set folders as favourites. The browser is snappy, but not as snappy as Capture One Pro 8 or DxO Optics Pro 10. Double-clicking a thumbnail enlarges the image, which is a good idea if you want to …

Exposure 7 after editing

Alien Skin Exposure 7 handles RAW

We all love to enhance our photos — professionals and amateurs alike — whether it be retouching, adding filters or compositing even. Some photographers are masters at recreating a scene and endowing it with a mood or quality it almost certainly didn’t have when the scene was shot. A number of software tools help, including Photoshop, Capture One Pro and DxO Optics Pro as well as specialised tools like the subject of the current review: Alien Skin’s Exposure 7.

DiskWarrior 5: a faster better safe than sorry toolkit

Once every four to five years Alsoft releases a press announcement for a new version of their flagship product, DiskWarrior. A couple of weeks ago, it was DiskWarrior 5 that was released. DiskWarrior 5 is now compatible with all the new Macs, comes on a USB flash drive, includes a Recovery Maker app to update the product yourself when a new OS and/or new Mac is released, is faster and looks better.

Elgato Thunderbolt 2 Dock

Not a full year after the Thunderbolt Dock saw the light of day, Elgato released its second iteration of this device with Tunderbolt 2 technology inside. The Thunderbolt 2 Dock looks almost identical — it’s a bit bigger than the first Elgato Dock — but has Thunderbolt 2 ports, better USB 3 performance and a better quality sound output DAC. The new Tunderbolt 2 Dock can drive a 4K display via HDMI.