Year: 2015

Akurat Lighting’s A1 on-camera video light is the most colour-accurate on the market

The Akurat Lighting on-camera LED lights are robust and colour accurate video lamps. The newest addition is the A1, which has dual colour balance using two sets of diodes (warm 3200K and cold 5600K) and the ability to mix the two colours together in various colour temperature combinations. The A1 has the highest CRI values in the industry with an Ra of 98 and an R9 of 97. It is capable of throwing about 1100 lux onto your subject and features innovative white LEDs based on violet chip technology, called V-WHITE.

colorchecker passport video box

Review of the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport for Video

Big news this year in the video market: X-Rite released its ColorChecker Video range of products. The ColorChecker family is valued by photographers who want their images to look colour-accurate — especially those who print their photos on a large format inkjet printer. Not much comparable existed for video editors, until now. The ColorChecker Passport Video and ColorChecker Video fill a void in the tool box of professional colourists and video editors alike.

Hahnel Captur Pro time lapse and more controller in box. Review.

Simple but complete Guide to using the Hahnel Captur Module Pro (2)

In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to use the Hahnel Captur Module Pro and all of its capabilities. Before we start, you should also have a Captur Remote Control set with a Transmitter that is put in Digital Channel Matching mode with at least one Receiver. In addition, you should put your Captur Module Pro in Digital Channel Matching (DCM) mode with at least one other Captur Receiver.

Captur Module Pro

Simple Guide to using the Hahnel Captur Remote Control

With the Hahnel Captur Remote Control you can control a camera or a group of photographic flashlights. The Captur Remote Control is the basic part of a bigger system that includes sensor triggers and intervalometers. This tutorial discusses how to use the Hahnel Captur Remote Control to its full extend and is the first of a series of two. The next tutorial covers the Hahnel Captur Module Pro.

How to use your GoPro HERO3+ skilfully and dazzle your audience

Your GoPro HERO3/3+/4 Black Action Camera is quite a capable camera. How you make the most of it for any type of movie to look perfect, depends on how you set it up. The secret here is to tap into the best quality the sensor and electronics are capable of. This tutorial is based on my experience with GoPro cameras from the HERO2 to the HERO3+, and takes you through the most important settings and issues.


Create complete infographics inside Final Cut Pro X the easy way with mInfographics

MotionVFX developed mInfographics as a set of Final Cut Pro X titles that allow you to turn a video into infographics. mInfographics installs as a plug-in category in the Final Cut Pro X Inspector. It’s a nice set of graphs, numeric data pointers and title bars in the colours just designated as colours of the year by Pantone. The titles are animated and customisable.

Pro photographer wants Capture One Pro 9 for its metadata, Color Editor and local editing features

It’s almost a tradition. Around this time of the year Phase One releases its new version of Capture One. The newest version adds some important improvements in the realm of metadata and image management. In addition, it has two new processing engines and a whole bunch of new and improved editing tools. I took Capture One Pro 9 for a ride and it remains the top photo editor. Its new cataloguing capabilities are bound to be an extra trump card, although they stay behind those of dedicated apps like Photo Mechanic 5.