OmniFocus 2 for iPad review

I reviewed OmniFocus 2 for the Mac earlier this year, but there’s an iOS branch to the Omni Group’s products as well. OmniFocus 2 for iPad is one of the most useful with its full and immediate synchronisation via Omni Group’s own sync server. After playing with the app for a day I discovered that it can actually improve your stress levels by providing you with a cross-platform view of your tasks and priorities.

I received the standard version of OmniFocus 2 for iPad but have the Pro application on my Mac. That immediately showed a limitation of the standard version: I couldn’t sync my custom Perspectives with the standard app on the iPad. Custom Perspectives are a Pro feature and it was interesting to see that synchronisation doesn’t incorporate the custom Perspectives when synching.

OmniFocus 2 iPad Map & Settings

To some people this can be important, and they should definitely buy the Pro version if they use custom Perspectives to organise their tasks and projects. OmniFocus 2 for iPad has a bout the same settings on the iPad Air 2 with iOS 8 installed as it has on a Mac with Yosemite. Except for the ability to buy the Pro upgrade rigth from within the app, everything is the same. That’s a relief as you’ll immediately feel at home in OmniFocus 2 for iPad.

Upon installing, the app asks a few questions, just like the Mac one. One question on the iPad that I don’t remember being asked when I installed the Mac version is whether you want to create a location-based Perspective called “Nearby”. I answered Yes and got a Perspective with a nice map displaying pins for all contexts that have a location — you can add one when creating a new context. When you’re near to one of your context locations, the map will show you the pins nearby. Very nifty.

Nice is that when you sync — you can force this by clicking the Sync button on either platform — your location-aware contexts appear on the Mac as well, just not with the map included on my system.

OmniFocus 2 iPad task lists

Most people will use OmniFocus 2 for iPad to enter tasks and projects while they’re away from their Mac and here OmniFocus 2 shines as well. You can move tasks to inside another task and convert tasks to projects. The only area which I was surprised about was OmniFocus 2’s support for the sharing button: it only allows you to email, AirDrop or send as a Message. That’s probably because you’ll want to synchronise instead of sending stuff to a text file, for example, but it still came across as odd.

Nevertheless, I found the whole OmniFocus 2 ecosystem an ecosystem proper, i.e. it seamlessly integrates the two applications as if they’re one. And that’s exactly what you want from a GTD app!

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