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Make your Titles as exciting as your footage with KineticText

Final Cut Pro X installs with a lot of Titles, but they’re all fairly common. If you want something that’s out-of-the-ordinary, dynamic and that makes you look like a professional even if you aren’t, then KineticText is a good choice. It’s a FxFactory plug-in and as usual with FxFactory plug-ins, it is actually a whole series of titles.

KineticText is true to its name: it’s kinetic alright. There’s not one title in this set that isn’t moving. That’s of course also the whole idea — the default titles that come with Final Cut Pro X are really all the static titles you need. But professionally looking titles with more than one or two lines, and which move on and off screen in various, sometimes unexpected ways normally require you to delve into Motion and set up an animation yourself. Unless you’re good at creating something with Motion, I’m afraid you’ll end up with a title that just doesn’t work. I’m speaking from personal experience.


KineticText, on the other hand, has everything you need to control the baheviour of the entire title and most of its components. Its many designs are neatly categorised and there’s even a set of instructions that go with the series. The designs themselves are great and in my opinion usable in most types of work. There are fairly simple one and two sentence designs, but also titles that run across five lines — the word “lines” must be understood in the broadest way possible, as some of the designs order and move the lines in forms such as skyscrapers and stairways.

Others add a sort of counting element to them with the text dynamically shifting in a direction you can control or falling down.

While you can tamper with the lines of text and the whole title using Final Cut Pro X’s usual controls in the Inspector, the developer advises against it as it may mess with the title’s design. There’s really no need to do that either, as you can indeed control almost every aspect of any of the titles in this series. Most titles not only let you control the word stretch, rotation and colour of each of the lines, but also the offset of each line in respect to the others.

About the only aspect you can’t change is the motion itself of the title design, which is hardwired — that’s what you’re buying this plug-in for in the first place, isn’t it? But with the many variants you get with this KineticText plug-in you won’t feel you should.

I tried several of these titles myself and I was enthralled with the building-like variants as well with the ones that included graphics — either having text inside them, or added to the left or right side of the text. It all depends on taste and on your project, of course, but one thing is certain: a dull looking title is absolutely unnecessary if you take this plug-in on board.

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