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Red Giant Software Offload: simple media offloading

You have your BulletProof and now also your Offload. When do you use one or the other? The answer depends on your needs. Offload is a very simple app, while BulletProof is a complete offload solution.

Offload does one thing: it copies your media from a media card or disk and does so in a secure way. Offload’s interface reflects this concept well: you have the media source, the destination panel and the backup destination panel. The workflow is dead easy: choose your media, choose the destination and a folder or volume to make an exact copy of the stuff on the source. Done.

Red Giant Offload

Offload does run all the essential magical hash code comparisons and what have you got to make sure your footage arrives exactly as shot on its destination and backup destination. It does so with a nice speed and with lots of good looking feedback clues. After offloading successfully, double-clicking any of the offloaded footage — photos are also included, by the way — opens the memory card or disk.

Don’t expect Offload to create special folders for your stuff. It copies the media you offload exactly as is — i.e. all folders and files on it exactly as they are, bit by bit. In that respect it resembles Imagine Products’ Shotput Pro — but it looks better.

Offload comes as part of the Shooters’ Suite. It’s a simple tool, much more simple than BulletProof, but when you’re out in the cold shooting video or photos and you want to quickly safeguard your work, then Offload is destined to become your best buddy.

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