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Painter 2015 brings Particle Brushes

Painter 2015 has one feature that will make people drool over this new version: Particle Brushes. Other improvements are jitter smoothing, greater speed and better performance, and 64-bit on the Mac. Painter 2015 also has an even more manageable and organised interface and comes with generous libraries of new content.

Corel for the first time in years added completely digital brushes to Painter 2015. The Particle Brushes — a good three types and a generous number of them available as presets — are spectacular new brushes that allow you to create art that is impossible to create with real-world art tools except by time consuming methods — and even then, I would have my doubts.

There are Gravity, Flow and Spring Particle Brushes and all three of them allow for surreal effects, subtle smoke trails, aurora alike results and other effects that wouldn’t look out of place in a video FX program. The brushes can be customised with a large number of parameters that guarantee uniqueness.

Corel Painter X3 saw the introduction of Universal Jitter, which allows you to add randomness to your brushstrokes by integrating the Jitter expression in a range of brush controls. In Painter 2015 you’ll also get Jitter Smoothing to help you give brushstrokes an even more natural, organic look. For example, whereas opacity jitter could introduce strokes that weren’t continuous anymore, jitter smoothing makes it all perfect.

Painter 2015

Brush tracking and calibration has become more sophisticated in Painter 2015 as well. The new visual power curve is really helpful and while there are default pressure curves to choose from, you can tweak the curve and save it as a preset of your own. You can also make practice strokes with a variant on the canvas while you’re calibrating the brush tracking, which should give you the most realistic, accurate brushstroke information possible.

Painter 2015 art

Palette arrangements now include presets that will get you started much more quickly, while the libraries — paper, textures, gradients, weaves, etc. — have been updated in Painter 2015 with new and in some cases exciting components.

Finally, Painter 2015 has new mobile capabilities, such as Painter Mobile for Android and Real-Time Stylus and Windows Tablet PC support.

Painter 2015 is worth the price and the upgrade, even if you would only buy it for the Particle Brushes.

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