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Crumplepop Fisheye Fixer v2

The GoPro HERO3+ has a new recording/viewing angle: SuperView. Until now, you could only fix SuperView by trying to correct the distortion in mocha Pro, using the lens correction module. The problem with that module is the time it takes to come to an acceptable result for this extreme angle. You’ll have to experiment until you find what works. Crumplepop thought it could do better and released version 2 of its Fisheye Fixer, a Final Cut Pro X plug-in specifically tailored for use with GoPro cameras and now including SuperView fixing. An extra bonus is the Fisheye Maker, with which you can convert ordinary footage to a fisheye look.

I am quite fond of Crumplepop because they succeed at always delivering products that meet high standards, and Fisheye Fixer isn’t an exception. The plug-in is simple to use: you drag it to the clip, select one of the viewing angles from the drop-down and if that doesn’t please you enough, there’s a slider to fine-tune the effect.

Fisheye Fixer

The original clip shot in SuperView.

The Fisheye Fixer works as advertised and straightens the almost circular effect that you end up with when shooting straight lines (think lamp posts and the likes) in SuperView. Unfortunately, and this goes for my results using mocha Pro as well, with these extreme lens settings you can’t expect your frames to keep their crisp sharpness. Lines are straightened, but you sacrifice sharpness and with SuperView that becomes quite visible.

Fisheye Fixer

The same clip fixed with Crumplepop’s Fisheye Fixer.


The only alternative is to fix it the way GoPro Studio Pro allows you to. In GoPro Studio Pro you can fix the fisheye effect without loss of sharpness, but the whole frame gets warped inside the frame size. The result is your clip with borders that look like a Californian surf wave. You can always crop but that introduces the next problem: a much smaller frame size or the need to scale up the frame — which in turn introduces…. loss of sharpness.

All of this to say that Fisheye Fixer is as good as the most complicated method. The bonus Fisheye Maker is a nice extra that wasn’t included with the first version of this plug-in. It works the same way as Fisheye Fixer, is also specific to GoPro clips and does the reverse of the Fixer plug-in.

On June 3, 2014, I received this message from Crumplepop:

“For 24 more hours, you can still get CrumplePop Fisheye Fixer for GoPro v2.0 for $39. 
After today, the price will move to $49. Fisheye Fixer v2.0 includes a bunch of useful new features, including the ability to correct fisheye distortion in footage from the new GoPro HERO 3+.

Here’s the coupon code for the $39 price: FISH10V2 and you can use it here:

Don’t forget – the upgrade is FREE if you own Fisheye Fixer already. You can find the link to upgrade here:

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