Month: April 2014

FxFactory presents Yanobox Nodes 2, the effects plug-in that blows your mind

Noise Industries, the developers of the plug-in management and shopping system FxFactory, last week announced a new plug-in for Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, Motion and Premiere Pro. It’s an upgrade of a compositing classic: Yanobox Nodes 2. The first version of Nodes was nice, albeit a bit limited in capabilities and customisation parameters. The new version will simply blow you away. For those who are new to this game: Nodes started life as a plug-in that allowed you to create lower thirds, titles and animated infographics, but version 2 is much more powerful and enables the creation of exciting sci-fi effects.

Astute Graphics Phantasm 3 for Adobe Illustrator

Phantasm was Astute Graphics’s first Illustrator plug-in. It gave Adobe Illustrator users the ability to work with colour settings the way they did in Photoshop. With curves working on transparency, Phantasm today isn’t obsolete. Far from it. The plug-in also gives you the ability to create vector halftones from an illustration both for printing and creative purposes, as well as ink and plate controls.

Ninja Blade comprehensive review

The Ninja Blade is Atomos’ newest available 10-bit HDMI recorder/monitor/player. The difference with its predecessor, the Ninja 2, is unbelievable. Everyone in the business already knows the screen isn’t just bigger but also has a higher resolution, but even if you know all that and have seen the images on the web, it still hits you in the face when you see it in real life. Other than that, the Ninja Blade has waveform monitors and a vectorscope, and a plethora of other features that make it a must-have and an upgrade to consider.

Astute Graphics Stylism brings back “flow” when working with Illustrator

Stylism is a new Adobe Illustrator plug-in by Astute Graphics, which allows you to create Adobe’s Live Effects using a simple real-time annotation system. Adobe’s dialogue window driven system isn’t bad, but it stops your “flow”. Stylism, on the other hand, makes creating and changing Live Effects extremely easy and incredibly fast — and changes update in real time.

Powermonkey Extreme 12V charges dSLRs, iPads, audio recorders and more

Powertraveller is a British company developing and selling power devices for road warriors and people who want to charge their devices in an eco-friendly way. The company’s Powermonkey Extreme is a winning combination of a battery and solar panel specifically aimed at charging 5V (USB or others) devices. And now there’s also the Powermonkey Extreme 12V for more demanding power charging jobs.