Month: March 2014

Pixelmator “Marble” review

Can $29.99 Pixelmator be as good as $29.99/month Photoshop CC? Your gut feeling tells you it cannot, and yet… Pixelmator is perhaps not as feature-rich as Photoshop but it enables you to retouch photos, paint and create composites. All for the price of a one-month subscription to Photoshop CC

Logic Pro X, three introductory screencasts

I finally got around reviewing Logic Pro X for Post Magazine. It wouldn’t be proper to write a review on IT Enquirer when Post Magazine has gone through all the hassle of getting me a test license for the product. Instead, I’m listing three Youtube screencasts here. They’re no-frills introductions to the interface, movie import and processing and applying audio effects to a Final Cut Pro X project with the help of the XML import capabilities in Logic Pro X.