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Rampant Design’s new Stage Lights and Speed Lights effects

Rampant Design creates its effects, transitions and mattes simply as movies that you can load in any NLE of choice, thereby avoiding plug-in overload. A week ago, the Rampant Design library expanded with a plethora of new effects.

Rampant Design For this follow-up review, I downloaded two sets of effects: Speed Lights and Stage Lights. I also chose one set of sound tracks. Yes, Rampant Design sells those as well.

As with the previous review sets I tried out, the quality of the effects is excellent. The sound tracks I got were cinematic music pieces. I found the one with the choir too synthetic sounding to my taste, but the others were nice and I can see them being used for short movies or scenes with an ‘epic’ quality to them. One would even fit a scene from “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Stage Light Transitions is a collection of 200 effects that involve stage lights moving in the background. As always with Rampant Design Tools’ effects, they’re videoclips you can easily composite into a sequence or timeline. In the case of Stage Lights and Speed Lights, the effects can best be used as transitions or backgrounds to titles.

You can also overlay them. In my opinion, Stage Lights will best suit scenes that involve some theatrical setting. I’m thinking of shots of a catwalk, a music festival or a theatre show. Speed Lights is different in that these effects are very short bursts of light — more or less like a still camera flash — which demands (and suggests) a background of hefty action or a lot of scene switching. Neither of these two effect sets will look good on long shots of nature or static scenes such as an interview.

I tried both effect sets as pure transitions against a black background and found Speed Lights better suited to this job than Stage Lights because they are faster — however, that could just be my taste. Stage Lights looked better in my opinion when used overlaying a sequence using the Screen Blend mode. As with all Rampant Design Tools effects, you can experiment your heart out as you’re not limited by the number of parameters provided for.


p>And of course the quality of the clips are perfect at 1080p.

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