Month: August 2013

Photo Mechanic, automating photo ingestion and handling

We all know Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture, but the real pros use Photo Mechanic, a photo ingestion and browsing tool. Photo Mechanic originally served to help photo editors quickly sift through the hundreds of photos they get on their desk each day. To make their life easier, the app has a lot of automation and integration functionality built-in. Far more than Lightroom, Aperture and iPhoto combined.

Creating the film look with FilmConvert

A large number of plug-ins exist that re-create the filmic look on digital video footage by adding digital noise that looks like film grain. The developers of FilmConvert take a different approach. They scanned a limited but important selection of film stock emulations at 6K resolution. They tuned the scanned results specifically for the digital camera you’re shooting with, which results in filmic looks and grain for footage of up to 4K. The stand-alone version even includes some nice colour grading features.

Video critical for online publishing success, but leave scriptwriting to the pros

Online video is critical to retaining and growing relationships with existing customers, and to converting prospects into new customers. The primary challenge to effectively publishing online video is managing and distributing high-performance video across multiple mobile devices, the study found. But scriptwriting by amateurs is another challenge, says Paul Verhoeven.