Month: July 2013

Symmetrical art with MirrorMe in Illustrator

Those of you who use Painter 12 have already experienced what you can do with a mirroring feature in a painting application. You can create symmetrical art and kaleidoscopic art very easily. With MirrorMe you can create such art in Adobe Illustrator. Trying it out revealed it’s better implemented than what Corel did with Painter, though.

Luma Labs The Cinch camera strap review

A couple of years back, Luma Labs made and sold the best sling strap for your camera ever. It was a comfortable strap with leather touches and a simple but effective design. But due to circumstances, the Luma Labs strap went out of production and only recently has the company been able to start producing another great strap. The Cinch (2nd generation) is an even better sling strap than I expected.

Red Giant BulletProof footage offload and preparation app

Red Giant BulletProof is a complete offload, preparation and delivery application for footage originating from a Canon or Nikon dSLR, or from a GoPro Hero2 or Hero3 action camera. Just like Imagine Products’ Shotput Pro, you can offload your clips and back them up to several media simultaneously. But that’s where the comparison ends as BulletProof goes where no offload solution has gone before.

LumoPro’s new camera flash LP180: a strobist’s delight

The best manual flashgun lets you bend light and sculpt scenes, people and objects your way. The ideal speedlight offers controls for blindfolded operation and a power range you can set in small and accurate increments. It allows you to upgrade its firmware and power it from an external battery. Rapid recycling, even on AA batteries, a LCD screen with clear information and a design that lets you handle the flash easily under all circumstances are nice too. The LumoPro LP180 Quad-Sync manual flash ticks all the right boxes. It even has an effortless locking shoe that you can operate with gloves on.

Contour Design ShuttlePRO v2 with driver v3 on OS X

I know Contour Design for as long as I write about Mac products, which is well over two decades. I have always been fascinated by their ergonomic shuttle device, the ShuttlePRO. Over the years, Contour Design released a ShuttleXpress and the ShuttlePRO v2. With the introduction of the new driver (v3), I finally got the opportunity to review the ShuttlePRO v2. I was prepared for a device that I could use in NLEs and a few photo editors only, but I found that one of the reasons why the ShuttlePRO v2 (and ShuttleXpress too, for that matter) is such an interesting device is its impressive application support.