Typinator adds another level of support for images in text

To call Typinator a text expander is undervaluing this must-have application for anyone who deals with content on a daily basis — any content, not just text.

Typinator can expand text and images starting from short abbreviations you set up yourself. But the latest versions of Typinator put this 'text expander' app in a league of its own. I admit: I was a reluctant convert. I hated setting up those shortcuts no matter whether it was Typinator, Text Expander or anything else for that matter — how could you possibly save time if you were used to typing the full text at lightning speed?

Until I started paying attention to my "typing at lightning speed" and discovered that I typed a lot of mistakes, especially in brand and product names. I could retype those names quickly, but retyping something that you mistyped in the first place doesn't count as "lightning speed", does it?

After some mild pushing from a friend who insisted I'd give it a chance, I decided to try Typinator, which I'd reviewed earlier on and TextExpander. I chose Typinator, although it was on par with TextExpander at the time (I believe Typinator currently leads, though…). With Typinator, I can expand text, formatted or not, and images, but what exactly I can include in the expanded content, and how to achieve that — well, that is virtually endless.

From Applescript processed content to calculation results — with the calculation happening inside the expansion process without me having to script it in — it's all supported by this little, powerful app that sits quietly in the menubar. Images have been on the list of supported items for a long time, too. You can drag an image to the expansion content window and assign a shortcut. Next time you type that shortcut, the image will replace it.

But until now — I'm running the latest beta of Typinator, but so could you if you scroll down the Ergonis website and click the 'beta versions' link in the page footer — you couldn't mix text with images.

Typinator text expander

Well, in the last beta, you can. So, if you want to create let's say an email message with your logo or head shot above you signature text, you just drop your image inside the "Include" folder and select the image from the Typinator drop-down Markers menu. If you don't know where to find the Include folder, don't worry. The last item on the Markers menu opens the Include folder for you.

I tried it with my head shot inserted above the signature text a minute ago and it works brilliantly.

The only problem with content/text expanders like Typinator is that you end up with so many shortcuts in so many separate application groups, you can't possibly remember them all. There's a solution to that as well: just hit the Control-Return keys on your keyboard and up pops a search bar where you search for text expansions in Typinator. Here, you can also perform calculations.

Now, all we need is multiple clipboard support. Typinator does play nice with clipboard utilities, but it would be even nicer if it had its own multi-clipboard facility. I'm pretty sure it would blow the others out of the water.

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