Month: June 2013

Rampant Design video effects: Look ma, no plug-ins

You can literally stuff your NLE with loads of plug-ins. The result will be a slow launching app, but you'll have access to a number of effects, mattes, and what have you got. Rampant Design takes a different approach. It creates its effects, transitions and mattes simply as movies that you can load in any NLE of choice, thereby avoiding plug-in overload. I tried some 100+ effects from the huge Rampant Design library and found them to be as flexible as plug-ins without the sometimes slow loading speed associated with them.

sonicWORX Isolate – extract sound without effort

Prosoniq sonicWORX Isolate is a sound editor with one goal: to isolate one type of sound, whether it be a voice or a music instrument. At first I thought sonicWORX Isolate would be much like Sony’s SpectraLayers Pro, but it isn’t so. sonicWORX Isolate is far more accurate and automated and specialised in sound extraction and suppression.