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GoPro Hero3 Black tested for noise and light adaptation performance

I tested the GoPro Hero3 Black for noise and light adaptation performance. I measured the light recorded by the Hero3 with an i1 Display Pro connected via basICColor’s display Pro 5. This software has an ambient light measurement module that is very accurate. The light recorded by the camera started at less than 5 lux, and ended at 400 lux. The video has no sound, but everything is explained in the title and the lux values are repeated at the markers where the light conditions change (i.e. me pulling up the shades…).

The Hero3 was recording in 720p/120fps, Protune CamRAW. This test shows the Hero3’s superior noise handling, given the size of the sensor and the price of the unit. Its light adaptation is a little slow, but then again, it’s not as if we’re working with an ARRI or RED camera here, are we?

The point that I wanted to make with this test is that — perhaps except for lens focusing — you can start thinking about using a GoPro Hero3 camera as your B-cam, whatever it is you’re shooting.

The video can be seen here or on YouTube here. Both links open a new window.

Please note: the whole video takes approx. 1 minute.

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