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Spider Monkey belt clip for camera accessories

Spider Holster is known for its innovative camera support system, the SpiderPro system (reviewed here). The Spider Monkey is the company’s latest invention. It’s a belt clip and velcro/adhesive tab combination, which allows you to carry around speedlights, batteries and more.

Spider Monkey, while being an accessory itself, accepts camera accessories. It costs something like 15.00 Euros and the clip looks like a giant paperclip. The adhesive tab has a knob that goes inside the clip. The back of the tab has a 3M based adhesive strip that looks like the mounting adhesive used by GoPro’s sticky mounts. The whole system is designed to safely hold items of up to approx. 450grams.

Spider Holster sent me one unit of this new peripheral, so I could try it out with only one item. I decided that it would be the safest to test it with a heavy battery. I haven’t tested this with a flash, a light meter or anything else.

Spider Monkey camera accessories belt clip

The system works well in that the clip is hard to open so it won’t easily fail. The tab onto which you keep your gear is locked inside the clip and cannot be removed without pressing a button. Even with a good load, it’s comfortable to wear and you can work a bit faster as you got your kit within reach. With some items you might run into a problem: where do you attach the tab? For example, with the Promote Control you need clear access to both LCD screen and control buttons.

However, the big question is: will you trust this system enough to hang a delicate item off it, like the speedlight with which it’s been marketed? I tested the Spider Monkey with the largest Sony video camera battery available, the Sony NPF970. I ran around the house, jumped up and down for ten minutes, kicked and swirled and did all kind of other stupid things.

As a result, I now have a lumbago, a whiplash and a severe case of motion sickness, but the Spider Monkey held my 285grams heavy battery right where it belongs. Even after all those nauseating movements, I still would hesitate to hang a speedlight off it, but I wouldn’t be scared any bit to have batteries and other less delicate items hanging on a Spider Monkey.

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