With Aquastrap, feel free to splash your Powermonkey Extreme

Powertraveller sent me an Aquastrap. An Aquastrap is designed to keep your Powermonkey Extreme water/dust tight to a standard called “IP65”. It allows you to charge a device with the Powermonkey Extreme splashed. Sahara enthusiasts and wild water rafters: this is one item you’ll enjoy!

IP stands for Ingress Protection Rating ( IP65 means the device will be dust tight, so you can use the Powermonkey Extreme (review here) on a beach or in the Sahara, for example. On the water front, it means you can use the Powermonkey Extreme in circumstances where water is projected on the unit at considerable force. The result is that you can use the Powermonkey Extreme in wet environments, like on a river or river bank, or at the beach.

Powermonkey extreme with Aquastrap

The Aquastrap isn’t a complicated device, though. It’s basically a thick rubber band with two bright yellow cable clips. It’s the cable clips that do the trick. The entire thing is conceived in such a way that it sits tightly alongside the edge of your Powermonkey Extreme battery. The Aquastrap comes with two specially designed power cables — one USB and one to charge the device — that fit into the cable clip’s openings.

The result is a Powermonkey Extreme (which is already splash resistant on its own) that can be charged and can charge other devices while being hit by large quantities of water. Note, however, that IP65 doesn’t mean you can immerse the whole unit.

The cable clips on the Aquastrap can also be “folded over” a closed Powermonkey Extreme charge port, in which case the port gets an extra ‘lock’ for additional security and protection against dust and water.

The big question of course is whether it works. Well, I threw a bucket of water at the Powermonkey Extreme while it was charging from its solar panel and nothing happened. No explosions, no sparks, nothing, The unit just kept charging. Afterwards, when I removed the Aquastrap, the only drops that were where they weren’t supposed to be, had fallen from my fingers.

The Aquastrap costs €23.60.

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