Month: March 2013

Smooth camera motion with the Rhino Slider

It started as a highly successful Kickstarter project to create the best video camera slider. The developers, a small company of young people who are passionate about photography and video, found that no camera slider under 800.00 EUR was good enough. They decided to make their own. They created a sub-500.00 Euros slider that goes well beyond what you’ll find on the market for under anything up to 1000.00 EUR. Meet the Rhino Slider.

Plantronics Blackwire C720 headset

Besides making what are probably the best wireless headsets for Unified Communications (UC) on the market, Plantronics also has a range of products that are wired and more targeted at desktop users, and even gamers. The Blackwire range sits in-between the desktop and UC market. These are wired headsets with a built-in battery for Bluetooth connection to a mobile phone. I tested the Blackwire C720, a stereo version that works on the Mac as well as the PC.

HDR Projects Platin, the most complete HDR editor

A German developer with a long list of photo editing applications for Mac and PC has decided to start distributing its flagship HDR app to English speaking countries. HDR Projects Platin is the name and HDR controlled to a ridiculously granular level is its game. This newcomer on the worldwide market of HDR processing software is the most complete HDR app you can buy, but it isn’t perfect (yet).