MailTags 3.2 gets Smart Mailboxes

MailTags 3 allows you to organise mail, based on the “Process, Organize, Monitor” principle. MailTags 3.2 just got a lot smarter and interactive by including Smart Mailboxes and Notifications.

screenshot of mailtags 3.2 sidebar

Until now, MailTags 3 (review here) allowed you to create and manage projects, keywords and schedules in Apple Mail, but your interaction with the program was pretty much one-way. You created everything and then you could watch due dates pass by as the colour of a message changed from green to red (for example — colours can be adjusted at will). However, if you set a “tickle date” it was impossible to be warned with a notification.

I tried this myself by setting a rule that would set an alert when the tickle date expired, but that didn’t work, and I assume I could only have managed it with an Applescript.

But now, with Mountain Lion well into maturity, developer Indev has released MailTags 3.2, and it’s like a new MailTags altogether. Well, not exactly — everything that was already in version 3 has been preserved, so you won’t need to miss the gorgeous interface, the colouring, the tickle dates, the integration with Omnifocus and Things and the customisation capabilities.

screenshot of mailtags 3.2 preferences

On the contrary, you’ll gain what are in my eyes extremely useful additions: Notifications and Smart Mailboxes. Starting with the latter: when you update to MailTags 3.2, you’ll see three new mailbox groups being added to the Mailbox sidebar. They hide “Projects”, “Keywords” and — yes (now making a little rain dance) — Tickle Dates. The Tickle Dates group even has four smart mailboxes (Today, Past, Upcoming, Future). Both Keywords and Projects groups list all your own projects and keywords (now there’s a surprise!) but also a mailbox called “Preferred Keywords/Projects”. The Projects smart mailboxes even have coloured tag icons. And better yet: when you right-click on a smart mailbox, you can remove the mailbox — and with it the project or keyword will be gone too!

The best news is that tickle dates will trigger an alert that you can set to happen at a customisable time. The alert will appear in Mountain Lion’s Notifications system. The smart mailboxes make MailTags even better at monitoring your time and work.

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