Month: February 2013

Prizmo OCR’s skewed scans (review)

Imagine taking a snapshot of a poster with your iPhone and then be able to OCR the text on it. Or scan a book without pressing it hard onto the flatbed glass plate, breaking its back in the process, and still being able to OCR by compensating for the curvature. Or OCR a screenshot… Prizmo 2 promises all that and more, but does it perform?

Time-lapse with 12MP images to 2K in Final Cut Pro X (tip)

Final Cut Pro X is great for doing time-lapse video. You just import your images in Final Cut Pro X, drag them to the timeline and set their duration to something you like. Create a compound clip and you can even apply all your plug-in effects to the clip. With 12MP images, you can create 2K video, but working in 2K is slower than in 1080p. Here’s a tip to avoid the slow-down.

Custom SLR ProDot shutter button upgrade (review)

It’s hard to imagine if you’re not a commercial photographer, but just as you can get Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) from using a mouse, could you get it from pushing a shutter release button a couple of hundred times a day? Even if you don’t, have you ever considered what the vibration of pushing the button does to image sharpness? There’s a fix for everything: in this case, it could be a ProDot.

Hydra Pro 3 HDR image editor (review)

Creaceed’s Hydra Pro 3 is an image editor specifically targeting High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. Up to seven images can be imported in Hydra Pro 3 out of which the program will make one HDR image with your edits applied. Hydra Pro 3 proved to be simple to operate, but also offers ample control of the creative process.