CrushFTP 6 Enterprise, robust and feature-rich FTP server

It’s fast and has WebDAV, image baskets, movie thumbnails, file synchronization, file versioning, and PGP encryption. CrushFTP 6 is the newest version of Ben Spink’s FTP server product that compresses transfers on the fly and runs on OS X, Linux and Windows.

My test version of CrushFTP 6 was the Enterprise version, which includes CrushSync and CrushTunnel, two innovative technologies. CrushFTP 6 management is fully web-based and supports multiple administrators working on the same server. It has indexed search, reverse proxy and a VFS (Virtual File Server) backend that supports proxying to servers running FTP, SFTP, FTPs, HTTP, HTTPs and WebDAV.

CrushFTP 6 has mini URLs. These allow you to create a URL pointing to a file or folder without including user name or password, and send this to a user. When he loads the URL in his browser, the link will log him in automatically and show him the folder or file it points to.

CrushFTP 6 FTP server has mini urls.

User management is granular. Each user can have a dazzling number of different settings pertaining only to him and these can be fine-tuned on virtual folder level. CrushFTP 6 has a plug-in architecture and comes with a number of useful plug-ins by default. CrushTask allows for post-processing on uploads and other actions. Task items can be linked together into chains of actions. An Enterprise license allows you to schedule this plugin to run on its own.

Setting up CrushFTP 6 is easy. In order to restrict access to specific directories on the server, you’ll set up virtual folders and user permissions. User permissions are more like Access Control Lists (ACL) then basic permission functionality.

I found synchronization in particular very appealing and powerful. It allows you to offer users a revisions functionality that works like a “Time Machine Light”.

If you need a robust, stable FTP server with lots of speed and management features, additional functionality out-of-the-box and expandability, then CrushFTP 6 gets you everything you want. An Enterprise license will also get you instant support.

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