Month: September 2012

Review: Crumplepop Fisheye Fixer for GoPro

GoPro movies shot with Wide or Medium field of view have an outspoken fisheye lens effect to them. Only footage shot with Narrow has less of that effect. Sometimes this fisheye effect is what you want. Often it isn’t. Crumplepop’s Fisheye Fixer plug-in can get rid of the effect and straighten lines amazingly well.

Spyder4Elite monitor calibration review

There are three really important colour management companies in the world: X-Rite, Datacolor, and basICColor. Of these three, CX-Rite and Datacolor are multinational companies, while basICColor still is relatively small. All three make hardware and develop software. Spyder4Elite is Datacolor’s monitor calibration and profiling solution. It’s the one we’re discussing here.

Do we still need to calibrate our monitor? Yes, we do. basICColor display 5.0.3 (review)

basICColor’s colour management products have been setting the standard for a long period of time. The company’s display 5 monitor calibration and profiling system is no exception. I tried basICColor display 5.0 right after installing my new iMac, and I could not get it to calibrate the monitor within a deltaE of less than 3. The reason was that I depended on the iMac’s dynamic brightness setting. A couple of days ago, I tried again. Now that I’m settled in with the new iMac and know it inside out, I thought I’d give it another shot. basICColor display 5.0.3 calibrated the monitor just fine. basICColor didn’t change the core of its display product. The core is the colour management capabilities and the accuracy. It would have been impossible to improve on those. But the interface has been renewed. It’s now more modern, more in tune with what other colour management apps look like. It’s also more user-friendly, with more presets to choose from. One-click calibration is supported. display 5.0.3 supports an impressive array of measurement …