Walkthrough: Amarra HiFi music player for Mac

Amarra, the audiophile music player for Mac never ceases to amaze me with its quality, but its interface may look a bit daunting to first time users. Here is a walkthrough of the interface. It will help you get to speed with Amarra 2.4.x quickly.

In my review, I found that I could use Amarra to play audio directly from a Mac’s internal CD/DVD player/recorder, but also directly from any iTunes playlist, and even from a Finder selection of files.

In fact, Amarra offers multiple ways to enjoy your music, and they’re not always as clearly labeled as you’d wish for. Most buttons have tooltips, but even then it’s sometimes a puzzle as what they do. Additionally, some operations may not always work as expected. So, for people who are starting out with Amarra, or who want to decide on buying it, here’s a rundown of Amarra, its features, interface, buttons, and the cool ways it allows you to play music from different sources.

Below is a screencast of approx. 10 minutes that will take you through Amarra 2.4.x. I hope you will enjoy it.

The Amarra walkthrough (opens video in a new window).

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