Easy Fix: Toast Titanium 11 and the Hang-at-99% bug

Toast Titanium 11.0.6 has a frustrating bug: at 99% of the burning process, the application hangs indefinitely. It’s right before the Lead-out on DVDs and Blu-Rays should start to be written. And although a DVD or Blu-Ray used as backup media will work just fine, it is a different story when using Toast to burn a movie or an audio CD or DVD.

We Mac users can’t live without Toast if we want to burn Blu-Ray media. Apple doesn’t build Macs with Blu-Ray writers and there is no support for these media either. So, we’ll resort to using Toast.

Toast 11.0.6, Toast’s latest version, has a nasty bug: it just hangs with 99% of the burning process finished. That’s frustrating enough to look for a solution. The one we found is quite simple: revert back to Toast 11.0.4.

Some forums advise to download Toast 11.1 beta, but after trying that advice, I found out the bug is still not squashed in this new and as yet unreleased version. There is only one version which works fine, and that’s Toast 11.0.4.

You can download it direct from Roxio’s support web page.

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