Month: July 2012

Review: AudioEngine W3 wireless audio link

The AudioEngine W3 is a wireless audio link with a 16-bit USB DAC on the transmitter side. The W3 can transmit to up to three receivers simultaneously, allowing for a multi-room audio system that comes close to audiophile quality at a low price. I tested the W3 with CD-quality audio in AIFF format and with a battery-powered video microphone at the transmission end, and simultaneously with a pair of powered AudioEngine A5 speakers and a Sennheiser HD650 at the receiving end.

Review: Sony SpectraLayers Pro edits audio as no other

Sony’s SpectraLayers Pro 1.0 application is a 64-bit audio editing platform that features sound shaping capabilities with a unique and user-friendly interface. The audio is shown on a multidimensional spectral display. With SpectraLayer you can correct audio, remove specific frequencies, or change sound over time or within a specified frequency range.

Review: Autodesk SketchBook Designer 2013

Combine the basic brush and pencil sketch capabilities of Painter with the vector brush of Illustrator and you more or less understand what it is you can do with SketchBook Designer 2013. SketchBook Designer 2013 is a hybrid illustration program. It’s designed to support sketching, and is actually two programs in one; with SketchBook Designer 2013 also comes a copy of SketchBook Pro!

Easy Fix: Toast Titanium 11 and the Hang-at-99% bug

Toast Titanium 11.0.6 has a frustrating bug: at 99% of the burning process, the application hangs indefinitely. It’s right before the Lead-out on DVDs and Blu-Rays should start to be written. And although a DVD or Blu-Ray used as backup media will work just fine, it is a different story when using Toast to burn a movie or an audio CD or DVD.

Review: Suitcase Fusion 4

Suitcase Fusion 4 adds several features that make the life of a layout designer, or any designer working with fonts, a lot easier. There are the font panels that allow you to directly access local as well as WebINK font libraries from within Adobe IndDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator CS5/5.1. There’s an integration not only with Extensis’ own WebINK but also with Google Web Fonts. And there’s a plethora of improvements to the interface.