Month: June 2012

Review: Aeon Timeline

A Timeline can be useful for a number of things, from plotting your personal history to creating an overview of world events. If the application is flexible enough, you can even create sci-fi stories using a timeline, or plot workflow items. Timeline software should support export for presentation and use in other applications. Aeon Timeline does all this and more.

Apple’s Mac App Store review process for a software update takes over 12 days and counting

Apple can’t do anything wrong. It’s a perfect company, with perfect people working on perfect products. In fact, Apple’s efforts to maintain perfection in everything they do is akin to the meddlesomeness of an old aunt who you should better not challenge for fear of being scrapped from her will.
This story is a report based on personal experience, although I am not the only one complaining — a whole bunch of Coda 2.x buyers are exceedingly becoming impatient with Apple’s review process that is on the border of silly.