Month: May 2012

Review: MindManager 9 for Mac OS X

Mind mapping has just become more efficient on the Mac with MindManager 9, but the application is not yet on par with the Windows version. Some of the features available in the Windows version wouldn’t make sense on a Mac, but some others would. Regardless, the new version has a true Lion interface and features that support brainstorm processes like never before.

Review: Glidetrack Hybrid HD video camera dolly/slider system

Shots of static objects and people become boring quickly, which is why professional video shooters use dollies and sliders to add some motion to such clips. The motion produced by slowly dollying or sliding the video camera along a rail adds visual interest and keeps viewers’ attention focused on the story. For medium-sized camcorders and dSLRs with video functionality, a Scottish company has developed a cost-effective slider system called the Glidetrack Hybrid.

Review: Epson WorkForce WF-7015

Never thought an inkjet printer could replace a laser printer in terms of performance and comfort. After having worked with an Epson WorkForce WF-7015 for a week I’ve changed my mind about inkjet printers. They’re almost as good as laser printers for office work. They come close, very close.

Review: Flux 4 web design platform

The ultimate web design editor is the one that not yet exists. Flux 4 is a good attempt, but to be honest so is Espresso 2 or Coda. Flux 4 has one advantage over the others, though: you don’t have to know much about code to work with it and create a decent looking web site.

Review: iZotope IRIS

Iris is a sampling re-synthesizer that allows you to create sounds based on visual selections, using a spectrogram. You can load up to three distinctive audio samples and one sub-area. The spectrogram displays your audio by time, frequency and amplitude, which serves as a visual guide enabling you to select the most interesting spectral characteristics. By blending the modified samples and applying sub-oscillator waveforms, you can create unique sound patterns that can then be used in the Iris standalone app, or with any DAW such as Logic Pro, Cubase or ProTools since Iris installs the VST, VST3, AU and RTAS formats.

Review: Path Finder 6

With Lion’s interface so dramatically different, more iPad like, who needs Path Finder these days? Perhaps Path Finder 6 may convince you. I was engrossed in particular by its tagging feature, its built-in Hex editor, its automatic column resize feature, and much more. Oh, and Path Finder regularly saves my day, enabling me to do things others must use the Terminal for.

Review: AudioEngine D1 DAC

A Digital to Analogue Converter or DAC is a necessary tool for anyone who wants to get sound out of digital music. A good DAC can cost a small fortune; if it’s any good, it’s almost never inexpensive. The AudioEngine D1 DAC is an exception.