Uncompressed video in via HDMI and out via Thunderbolt

Black Magic’s Intensity is a range of devices that capture your video camera’s signal to Uncompressed video from up to 1080HD. The Intensity Extreme, has a Thunderbolt interface.

The Extreme has only one Thunderbolt interface, just like the Sonnet Technologies’ Echo ExpressCard/34 Thunderbolt adapter. The Intensity Extreme is an aluminium block and has two HDMI ports.

Black Magic’s other HDMI input device is the HyperDeck, a SSD type video recorder without a monitor. The portable Hyperdeck Shuttle records to uncompressed QuickTime and Avid DNxHD MXF file formats, and operates on batteries or 12V power.

The Shuttle has USB 3 only, but combined with the Sonnet Echo that isn’t a problem, provided you use one of Sonnet’s new USB3 ExpressCards.

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