What to look for in scanner software?

Scanner software is not necessarily a thing of the past. There are many people who are still digitizing their photos, and for that a scanner is inevitable. What do you look for in scanner software?

Obviously, you can just do fine with the scanner’s own software, but in order to unlock all functionality and get the most out of a good scanner, you’ll need software such as SilverFast. So, what do you look for in scanner software?

  • Ease-of-use. Good scanner software has an automatic workflow that will take you through scanning batches of photos fast.
  • It should adapt to your particular needs. If you have large collections of Kodachrome, the software should be fit to accommodate for it (blue cast!).
  • Workflow presets
  • Strong and accurate calibration. Calibrating your scanner ensures correct colors. SilverFast has an automatic calibration feature that is the best in the industry.
  • Strong and accurate color correction. Imagine a portrait where the subject has a yellow robe, but the color has faded completely. You should be able to change that yellow — and only that yellow into something else; a brighter yellow, or orange, whatever.

There’s a long list of features that you’ll want in your scanner software. Many people think they can correct after scanning, in Photoshop, for example. They’re right, but once the scan has been made, the ability to correct on an original is no longer there, unless you start the scanning process all over again. Software like SilverFast therefore saves time, and its specific scanning functionality makes it better at adjusting a scanned image than Photoshop.

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