Month: November 2011

Der Spiegel scans photos

Germany’s number one weekly news magazine Der Spiegel allegedly still uses a Heidelberg scanner and SilverFast software to scan photographs, which must mean their photographers have not yet all made the transition to digital. We know there are a number of art photographers who find analogue photography to be vastly superior to digital. But press photographers… They usually prefer the speed and ease of digital. Meanwhile, Der Spiegel can save data with a depth of 48 bits. Furthermore, they trust the mature technical colour management know-how of LaserSoft Imaging, including integrated IT8 calibration and extended selective colour correction for up to 12 colours. The scanner operators at Der Spiegel, who believed their Heidelbergs would be collecting dust as no original software will run on any modern Mac, are reported to be very happy with the SilverFast scanner driver/control tools.

Why do people still scan?

Not too few famous art photographers still shoot film these days. They love the grain, the colors, the dynamic range. But they too must digitize their images, if only for archival purposes, or for display in online art stores. Most of them will turn to SilverFast, the scanner software developed by German LaserSoft Imaging. In this case, German really does mean “thorough”; thorough as in color management and accuracy, and in control over the results. On IT Enquirer, a product report was published a couple of months ago, covering SilverFast 8 scanner software. It’s a free download.