Review: FontExplorer X Pro 3

FontExplorer X Pro 3 has many new features that belong in the “useful” department. In many respects, FontExplorer X Pro 3 is a fantastic tool for printers and font enthusiasts. It’s a bit less powerful for web font management.

FontExplorer X Pro 3 has what must be the most powerful and feature-rich font book functionality in the market. Users can print font books with unseen flexibility; it’s no exaggeration to call FontExplorer X Pro 3’s font printing capabilities on par with what traditionally has been available only in published book form. Users can change everything from header to footer and in-between, using a highly graphical user interface that offers numerous options and allows for complete customisation. The only thing that can ruin a font sample book printed with FontExplorer X Pro 3 is the quality of your printer.

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