Review: Twitterific for Mac

I tried almost every Twitter client and kept going back to Twitter in a browser. Until I tried Twitterific 4.4 yesterday. I’d tried Twitterific before, when version 2 came out. Twitterific 4.4 is the best way to tweet and follow your social interaction with fellow tweeters in my opinion.

Twitterific 4.4 is IconFactory’s twitter app. When you mention IconFactory, you know the icons and the overall interface look gorgeous, but a good Twitter client in my opinion must be big when I want it, unobtrusive when I’m doing other things, and easily let me read tweets and react to them in all the little ways supported by the platform.

Most other clients that I tried were either taking up too much screen real estate with no easy way to get them out of my sight, or too skinny in terms of functionality. The first version of Twitterific that I tried, years ago, suffered from the same somewhat anemic capabilities, but the version that I’m looking at now, is completely different. It’s the Twitter client closest to my wish list:

  • It has a clear, efficient interface with exactly enough visual clues to show me what is happening, and what I am doing
  • I can turn off visibility from the menu bar, and making it visible again by clicking the menu bar icon, and it supports Lion’s full screen mode
  • If I want the interface to stay visible, but smaller than when I’m typing, I can slide away the sidebar, effectively decreasing the interface’s width
  • Twitterific is the only client using colours that are both pleasing and informative
  • All Twitter functionality is present and can be accessed using the mouse or keyboard shortcuts

Furthermore, if you want to follow tweets on a mobile platform as well as on your Mac, Twitterific offers Tweet Marker, a way to synchronize the client across platforms.

How important you find your Twitter client is up to you. Regardless if you’re using Twitter for pleasure or business, Twitterific is probably the most efficient and pleasing client to use. It can be downloaded for free; the only restrictions are that you cannot follow multiple accounts and that you’ll see rotating ads at the top.

A small fee will buy the full version — warmly recommended.

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