Review: Doxie document scanner

Doxie is a document scanner powered by USB and completely driven by software. It’s an Apparent Corp. product, which means it should offer good value for the money. I tested Doxie and was quite happy with its performance.

It’s Apparent has launched Doxie well over a year ago, but it’s the latest version of the small document scanner’s software that caught my attention. Doxie can not only scan directly to cloud applications like Google Docs, but also to Yojimbo. That makes the scanner quite a powerful offering on the Mac platform, as Yojimbo is one of the most popular and powerful PIMs on the Mac.

Scanning with the Doxie is a straightforward affair. The scanner gets its power from its USB interface and its functionality from its software. It must be calibrated before first use and whenever paper starts getting jammed. There’s no further maintenance or management to be done. Doxie has no document feeder, so each sheet of paper must be fed manually, one after the other.

After playing with Doxie for a week, I found the scanner a very useful tool, except when you need to scan multiple sheets of paper on a regular basis — such as when you’re using a document scanner for a business and you want to digitize all of your receipts once a week. Even when your goal is to OCR the odd scanned document, Doxie delivers the quality needed. In B&W, Grayscale and Color modes, the scanner is capable of 600 dpi scanning at a reasonable speed. At 300 dpi, its default setting, it really flies. After scanning about 60 documents, ranging from small ATM receipts to letter and A4 size sheets, I have yet to experience the first paper jam.

For the needs of a private person — a student, but also a SOHO business — the Doxie is a real boon, especially with its support for Yojimbo. Other integrations include popular Mac OS X mail clients (including Microsoft’s), cloud applications like Google Docs, Flickr, Scribd, etc. It’s small enough to fit in a briefcase. The only thing that I didn’t like, although it didn’t bother me much either, are the pink hearts on Doxie’s scan button and front bezel.

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