Month: September 2011

Review: Twitterific for Mac

I tried almost every Twitter client and kept going back to Twitter in a browser. Until I tried Twitterific 4.4 yesterday. I’d tried Twitterific before, when version 2 came out. Twitterific 4.4 is the best way to tweet and follow your social interaction with fellow tweeters in my opinion.

Review: Custom SLR C-Loop and Split Strap Glidestrap

When I saw the web page of the C-Loop and Split Strap Glidestrap, I thought this was yet another glidestrap. I thought the developers of the C-Loop and Split Strap took an existing idea, changed it a bit and then tried to position this into the market as the best thing since sliced bread. When I saw the presentation and YouTube movies of the C-Loop and associated straps, I realised it had to be more. I tested it, and it is indeed more.

Rogue Lighting Filter Kits

Flash light is boringly white until you add a coloured gel filter to it. That converts your flashgun into a creative tool. You can buy a sheet or roll of Lee or Rosco gel, cut it up into pieces, and attach it to your flashguns using duct tape or whatever other sticky stuff you care to use, but ExpoImaging had a cleaner and more efficient idea: they use a specially designed rubber band or your Rogue Grid to hold the gel. Additionally, they print information on the borders so you can instantly see f/stop loss and more. With Rogue Filters you can colour your flash light in any of the 20 colours they include in their new Rogue Lighting Filter Kits. There are two of them: the Universal and Rogue Grid kit.