Month: August 2011

Review: Painter 12, faster, better-looking, more efficient

Whenever Corel releases another upgrade of Painter, it’s always interesting to see which new brushes they’ve come up with this time, and above all: how those brushes perform. Right up till version 11 the new brushes were nothing less but awe-inspiring, but they also required a hefty machine to get some performance from them. Much of the joy of painting digitally with those versions was outdone by the slow rendering of paint. With version 12, Corel hasn’t just added brushes and other creative goodies. It has dramatically increased Painter’s speed — so much so that it is a real pleasure to work with any type of brush in this new version. I found it hard to find anything that will not instantly appeal to digital artists in Painter 12.

Review: Power Manager Pro 4

Power Manager is a Preference panel and application that allows you to manage your Mac’s idle time, save energy, and even start and finish processes on your Mac such as log rotation, script executions, etc. Power Manager Pro is the version that allows managers of multiple Macs to propagate schedules and events to all Macs on the network.

Review: Mac OS X 10.7, aka “Lion”

Lion is not an evolution of Mac OS X as we know it. It is a new user experience and as such it won’t appeal to all people. It’s also been totally revamped under the hood, and that doesn’t please developers. Lion may be a pain to some, but it’s hard to deny its leaps forward in design, efficiency, and productivity.