Month: June 2011

Review: OfficeTime 1.6

OfficeTime is a robust time tracker for small workgroups. It allows you to track time spent on projects for multiple clients. It supports multiple timers, clients, categories and has an amazing report feature. You can even consolidate multiple workers’ project times into one report. OfficeTime also integrates with iCal and Address Book.

Tip: Creating a symbolic link the hard and the easy way

I keep my Aperture Library on a separate RAID disk that is connected through FireWire to the Mac. One disadvantage that I found out about the hard way is that I can’t see my Aperture Library in some Media Browsers. A symbolic link may be able to fix that, while an alias almost never can. A symbolic link is much like a Mac OS X alias, only on a lower level (Unix)). You can sometimes fool applications into ‘seeing’ the file while it’s really only the ‘alias’, pointer or symlink that is there.

Review: Atomos Ninja video field recorder and monitor

[expires off=”2012-01-19 18:00:00″]UPDATED [/expires]The Atomos Ninja is a field recorder, monitor, and playback device for capturing video to Apple’s ProRes 422 codec (all three modes) straight from a video camera’s sensor, effectively bypassing the lesser quality AVCHD codec built into most consumer, prosumer and even professional camcorders.

Review: PCalc 3.7

It’s not new, I know, but it’s a long time favourite of many people. That made me curious (it made me curiouser and curiouser as a very famous person once said). I tried PCalc and try to answer what all the fuss is about.