Month: February 2011

Review: Phile Audio

Phile Audio is a CD ripping and audio file encoding application that allows you to archive a CD collection fast. It is the only ripping application on the Mac that works with multiple CD drives simultaneously, supporting the fastest possible workflow. The software also enables you to import files directly into iTunes without the need for a separate step.

IntelliScanner SOHO Black, the smallest barcode scanner for business

Its Apparent is always developing new barcode products. A couple of years ago they came with the Scanabout, a USB-dock based Bluetooth barcode scanner, a couple of years before that, they had the PDF417 scanner (which I purchased and still use to full satisfaction today). Until a couple of weeks ago, their business barcode scanner was a ROV IntelliScanner SOHO. And now IntelliScanner has released a follow up for the ROV, which is tiny but sturdy.