Review: LittleSnapper 1.6

After having reviewed Snagit, I wondered how LittleSnapper faired a good 8 months after my review of version 1. It turns out, LittleSnapper has been updated to version 1.6.x, gaining a number of new features since I reviewed the first release. LittleSnapper now comes very close to Snagit in some areas, and even improves on some Snagit functionality, but version 1.6.x still showed some erratic behaviour on my system.

RealMac Software develops LittleSnapper, RapidWeaver and a number of other nice programs. As I said in my first review, LittleSnapper is a nicely designed, feature-complete screen capture application. With version 1.5, RealMac Software has added a number of new features, such as a new capture engine, snap areas, multi-window snapping (you Command- or Shift-click several open windows and they are all captured as one or a set of screenshots), tagging, cropping, Quick Look, and improved sharing.

Of all the new features, there isn’t one that I like more than the other, but some of the new functionality intermittently gives up on you. Quick Look, for example, sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. Dragging snaps from the Library to a Collection sometimes doesn’t work; to make it work, I repeatedly had to restart the application. I personally think these are bugs, but since the new features were introduced in version 1.5 and we’re now at 1.6, they could have been ironed out I’m sure.

What’s there to really like? How about these:

  • The fact that you’ll organise all your screenshots in one place.
  • The capability to upload screenshots to Ember, RealMac’s own cloud-based screenshot sharing service
  • Multi-window snapping, which really saves a lot of time
  • A vastly superior Webpage capture than anything else I’ve seen

For these reasons alone, I for one don’t mind to put up with LittleSnapper’s small (although sometimes irritating) imperfections. As long as it doesn’t erase my screenshots from the system, I’ll put up with the little buggers

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