Month: November 2010

Review: LittleSnapper 1.6

After having reviewed Snagit, I wondered how LittleSnapper faired a good 8 months after my review of version 1. It turns out, LittleSnapper has been updated to version 1.6.x, gaining a number of new features since I reviewed the first release. LittleSnapper now comes very close to Snagit in some areas, and even improves on some Snagit functionality, but version 1.6.x still showed some erratic behaviour on my system.

Review: Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2011

PowerPoint is the professional presenter’s tool. There’s no doubt about PowerPoint having the largest market share for presentation software. On the Mac, there is one serious competitor: Apple Keynote ’09. In terms of features and creativity Keynote used to be superior to PowerPoint, but no more with this PowerPoint 2011. PowerPoint offers more features, more templates, more creative functionality, more efficiency. To be honest: PowerPoint is better than Keynote, but in its current version also buggier.

Review: Billings Pro

Marketcircle’s Billings is one of the market leading invoice applications. Billings Pro is a workgroup or departmental invoicing solution, based on a client/server model. Billings Pro has the same interface as the ‘single person’ Billings. It’s the networking functionality, its support for multiple currencies and more variables in an invoice, estimate or Pro Forma invoice that set it apart from its sibling.

Review: Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011

If you want to manage data with Excel, that task has just become much more interesting, but besides that, Excel 2011 has a vast array of new and improved features. From PivotTables over conditional formatting to graphing data and protecting spreadsheets: Excel 2011 is a number-cruncher’s dream come true.

Review: Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

The new version of Office for Mac must be the most important one in years. It’s on par with the Windows 2010 offering with regards to features, integration with enterprise systems, and exchange capabilities between the two platforms. The suite is made up of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook. You can get a free Microsoft Skydrive account or integrate seamlessly with Sharepoint for collaboration purposes.