Month: August 2010

DeltaWalker compares files and folders

DeltaWalker compares text files and folders. It can do this with two files/folders or with three. DeltaWalker’s file comparison extends to XML and PHP files as well as bare text files, as I could experience for myself. It’s a Java application that works equally well on a Mac as on a Windows machine. It’s one of the most clever designed comparison applications that I’ve ever seen.

Review: Addonics Portable Blu-Ray burner

Going by its name “Zebra Blu-Ray player/recorder”, Addonics has wrapped an LG 10x Blu-Ray burner in an aluminium enclosure. At 195.00 Euros, the Zebra must be one of the cheapest Blu-Ray burners you can find, and with an eSATA port it can easily cope with the higher throughput speeds required by 10x speed Blu-Ray burning.

Review: WiebeTech UltraDock v4

The UltraDock v4 is WiebeTech’s greatest in its Dock range of products.This unit accepts PATA and SATA on the input side, and eSATA, FireWire 800 (2 powered ports), FireWire 400 (1 powered port), and USB 2 (1 port) on the output side. It’s an amazing small piece of hardware that’s indispensable to anyone who wants to use bare disks and Blu-Ray drives. WiebeTech used to be small company. Today, it’s been acquired by CRU-Dataport, a well-known company specialised in forensic hardware. Wiebetech used to do that too, and still does, but CRU-Dataport has an incredibly large range of those products. Luckily for us, Wiebetech’s new owners have decided to keep the existing products alive, and improved. UtraDock v4 is probably the most modest of their products. It’s a small, aluminium box with some cable attached to it that can accept a hard disk or media burner and connect it to a Mac via any other interface you care to throw at it. UltraDock v4 does this for SATA and PATA (IDE) 3″5 and 2″5 disks …