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Die-hard creative pros will create buttons, logos and icons in Illustrator or Photoshop. But for occasional jobs and quick but good results, Belight Software Art text 2 may fit the bill.

Art Text 2 is Belight Software‘s text creativity software. It integrates with their other products such as Labels & Envelopes and Disc Cover, but primarily works as a stand-alone program. It has a simple interface –a working window and a very complete Inspector panel.

When you start up the program, Art Text 2 will welcome you with an Assistant displaying a hefty range of sample designs. besides being a nice showcase of what is possible with Art text 2, it’s also a starting point for your own designs. Choose one of these samples and you can start fine-tuning.

Basically, Art Text 2 has all the design features necessary for creating buttons, icons and logos. You can start from a sample design or from scratch. The way Art text 2 speeds up your work is by offering ready made –and high quality– textures, gradients, warp envelopes, etc. For example, when you create a text logo, you can quickly give it a look by selecting one of the ready made warp modules or by applying one of the pre-defined warp envelopes –both methods will work equally fast.

All pre-defined stuff in Art text 2 can be modified to your own taste, so you’re not stuck with what Belight Software’s designers came up with. Customising a logo or button design is easy enough: Art Text 2 has layers that you can turn on and off, and so the workflow pretty much resembles the one you’re used to from Illustrator and Photoshop.

However, Art text 2 does have a few quirks that I’m not happy with. For starters, there’s no easy method to align elements without having to go to the Inspector. Secondly, distributing elements could also be more efficient. I can keep adding to this list of little annoyances, but it all boils down to little annoyances.

After having worked with Art Text 2 for some time now, I must admit it makes a lot of things a lot easier. One major feature I’d like Belight to add is layered TIFF export. That way, you could start in Art text 2 and further refine your design in Photoshop.

Art Text 2 costs about 40.00 USD.

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