Art Text 2 Good Starting Point for Text and Button Effects

If you want to easily apply effects to texts and buttons, Art Text 2 from Belight is an easy way to get great results without having to resort to using Photoshop or Illustrator.

Art Text 2 has many effects, textures and colour effects, and the good thing is that you can customise all of them. The software isn’t limited in any way. It just offers a starting point that does not exist in an application like Illustrator where you must start from scratch.

This is also why Art Text 2 appeals to designers. It allows them to quickly create glass, plastic and other buttons and text in as many forms they like. You can even use Art Text 2 as a logo design tool, and it integrates with Belight’s other applications such as Labels & Addresses.
However, Art Text 2 is not without its flaws. Because you can so easily design effects into texts and buttons, you start looking for support with regards to accuracy and diversification in the program. And there Art Text 2 falls short. Let me give you two examples.

I tried to design the IT Enquirer logo in Art Text 2, and the closest I got was the image below. Not bad, but not good enough. First of all, I had to create three layers because the software did not allow me to select one character and give that a different colour from the others. To do that, each character must be on a different layer.

Good Addition to Adobe IllustratorIn the logo I wanted to create, it is important that the bottom of the text is aligned, with the “q” sticking out of the bottom. This call for a ruler, because guides don’t work here. Unfortunately, Art Text 2 has no ruler. Finally, the cube in-between “IT” and “Enquirer” is an isometric 3D extrusion made of a square. Such an isometric extrusion is only possible in Illustrator.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think Art Text 2 is a great product, but it’s not as powerful as Adobe Illustrator even for text effect manipulation. So, if you want to create button and text effects, and create logos, it would be too soon to throw away your copy of Illustrator. However, the PDF that Art Text 2 exports (you have a large set of file formats to choose from) is not a flat file. It has one layer group that is chockfull of layers—one for each effect and shape.

This basically means you can start working in Art Text 2, using tools that are much easier to produce results very quickly and then fine-tune and finish the job in Adobe Illustrator. With Art Text 2 costing only 39.99 USD, you won’t be breaking the bank over its price.

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