Plantronics Discovery 925, the Bluetooth Designer’s Headset

Plantronics is probably the best known vendor of VoIP audio products, and it is a market leader in the headsets for gamers and computer users markets. It also makes nice Bluetooth earphone based headsets for mobile phone applications and computer use. The Plantronics Discovery 925 is one of the nicest in this category I have seen so far.The earlier Plantronics headsets I discussed were either full headphone based or were variants on a theme: a small in-ear plug with a rounded short plastic piece that served as microphone boom. All these earlier models were nice, but not exciting and their design wasn’t special.

The Plantronics Discovery 925 apparently breaks with the past in these respects. Its sound and connection quality remain as excellent as earlier Plantronics models, but the design and the accessories turn this little piece of technology into something special.
For example, the Discovery 925 doesn’t come with an ordinary charger. It comes with a battery slightly larger than the earpiece itself, which accepts a tiny USB connector that charges the battery. You can then keep the earpiece charged by plugging it into the battery holder at all times. The whole thing acts as a nice synthetic leather pouch for your earpiece.

The earpiece itself has a large square button with which you can turn it on and off, and accept incoming calls. It’s a relief when you’re used to the tiny buttons that are usually on these earpieces. Less a relief are the in-ear plugs. I don’t know why, but I always struggle with finding the right size of silicon to fit my ear canal. The Discovery 925 isn’t an exception.
Small and easy to loseTo make matters worse, the earpiece doesn’t have an ear loop so you can’t secure the device and stabilise it. To be honest, I once lost an earpiece that had a loop, simply because I couldn’t feel it—and couldn’t feel it come lose—so the usefulness of a loop is open to discussion.

Despite these shortcomings that I find common to every earpiece I have tested in the past, I find the Plantronics Discovery 925 a real gem. It’s available in various colours, its sound quality is nothing short of perfect and it has excellent battery life. In a word: it’s definitely worth its 100 Euros.

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