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Marketcircle makes one of the best invoice programs for the Mac, period. It's called Billings, it's in its third version and it's near-perfect. From its icon to its functionality, it all breathes thoroughness, and careful and thoughtful design. Billings 3 has multiple timers, recurring invoices, and an interface that is as easy to use as it is pleasing to the eye. The only thing I'm still not very impressed by is the template designer for invoices, estimates and reports, and I do think the retainer concept should be explained in more detail.Billings 3 is fully integrated with Daylite if you want it to. You can therefore invoice customers from within Billings 3 and create projects, working slips and other project material as well as track payments in Daylite.

However, I think many people who don’t have Daylite or have a use for it, will use Billings by itself. Billings starts from the assumption that everything you do can be called a Project, but you can have working slips that are not related to projects as well in version 3. In general, however, you will use Billings for a service-orientated business more than for a store or a shop. Based on my experience, I think Invoice is better for stores and shops.
Billings 3 is a dream to use with its attention to detail and user-friendliness. For example, the icons are all of exceptional quality, but there’s more to them than eye-candy alone. The slips resemble real job tickets, so it’s easy to see what they are for, even without first reading the manual. The Billings 3 timers are a treat to your business; you can have several of them running simultaneously if you want. Even if you want each one running individually, they’re well designed and you can see at a glance how you are doing time-wise.

Even better yet, in version 3 there is a completely separate view of your accounts payable. As soon as you have created your first invoice, you can see it in the Accounts list. When it is changed to the paid status, a receipt image with payment details appears, together with a “Paid” stamp so you can quickly see which invoices have been paid and when.
iCal integration not for invoice due datesUnpaid invoices are easy to track down as well: the customer turns red (of shame?) and so does the invoice amount in the list. You can even send reminders from within Billings 3, although you can’t really get an alert from within Billings when an invoice is overdue. But if you hover the mouse over the invoice amount, the red figure will gracefully change into “Send Statement”; the effect alone makes you want to send as many statements as possible.

The integration with iCal is limited to having working slips be added to your calendar as To-Do or Event. Another iCal integration level where you can set an alarm when an invoice is almost overdue, would be on my wishing list for Santa this year.
This one feature would make Billings (approx. 35.00 EUR) perfect for me, but with iPhone users getting a (payable) companion in 2009, they’re getting the Editor’s Choice anyway.

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