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Intelli Innovations' Barcode Producer (and Automator) is a classic in the world of barcode creation programs. It's now also the most flexible application in terms of output design, help, and checking tools.Barcode Producer 5 has a unified interface that resembles iTunes. Left are the barcodes ordered in different categories of ranking order, such as “Applications” and “Types”. If you want to create a barcode for book publications, you’ll either choose the “Books and Periodicals” application, or the “Fixed Numbers” type.

Traditionally, Barcode Producer could handle almost any barcode that’s known and used. The tradition goes on, with support for ISBN 13 and SSCC-18. The ISBN barcodes come with the most extensive help and correctness checking system that I’ve ever seen in a barcode program.
It also has the most powerful design options, including barcode width, colour, text size, and an item called “Strippable or non-strippable Indicator”. If you have a license for the Barcode Automator plug-in, you can even generate multiple barcodes in one go.

Barcodes created with Barcode Producer can be saved as Illustrator, Photoshop and PDF files. TIFF and EPS are supported as well. In the extensive help system of the application, you get a full answer to the question which format you should use when, and what to look out for when using bitmaps for barcode output.
Send to Illustrator, Photoshop or PreviewWhen saving as Illustrator, Photoshop or PReview files, Barcode Producer 5 will actually launch the program with the barcode opened, so that you can further fine-tune or drag the barcode image immediately into your working document. This avoids having to use plug-ins for working with these applications.

In my tests, I found Barcode Producer 5 extremely well-behaved, outputting the high-quality barcodes I expected from this application. One thing that I still don’t understand is that Barcode Producer needs to dump an EPS “driver” file on your system in order to make PDF417 (a 3D barcode) work properly. Other barcode generators do without and I’ve never seen any difference in quality.
Luckily, the file never causes any troubles at all.

Another thing that I noticed is the need for the Automator plug-in. If you’re creating unique barcodes that don’t follow each other in some kind of serial order, Barcode Producer by itself is all you need. If you do need serialisation, the Automator plug-in is an absolute must-have.

It turns Barcode Producer 5 into the most powerful and flexible barcode generator I have tested up to date.

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